What is a Title?

In real estate, the term “Title” refers to the legal ownership of a piece of property. Title may also refer to a legal document called a Deed, which also represents ownership. The owner of the title has the right to use that property and owning real estate means complicated ownership arrangements. This substantial purchase involves a complex transaction with a large amounts of money. Purchasing a home can be an easy process if done correctly, however there may be issues regarding the title. Problems with the title can create difficulties when establishing ownership, thus complicating the property rights and possible resale. Strategic National Title Group is a Title & Escrow company in Tysons Corner VA that wants to make your investment in a home free of any possible title issues.

Title Insurance in Tysons Corner VA

Strategic National Title Group provides title insurance in Tysons Corner VA for property owners and mortgage lenders. Title insurance serves as protection for the owner of the property from a defective title that may cause financial loss or damage. This type of insurance differs from traditional insurance by protecting against claims for past events.

These claims Include:

  • Forgery or fraud of a title
  • Outstanding lawsuits
  • Liens against the property
  • Encumbrances
  • Property ownership by another person
  • …and more

We provide title insurance in Tysons Corner VA for mortgage lenders. This is also called a loan policy and it protects the lender against issues with the title. A loan policy is usually required to get a mortgage loan. It does not protect the buyer. We also provide title insurance in Tysons Corner VA for property owners which is also known as an owner’s policy. This policy gives homeowners protection against claims from past occurrences or before they purchased the house. It is important to protect your financial investment in a home and have peace of mind.

Settlement Company in Tysons Corner VA

Our team of attorneys and title professionals provide settlement and closing services of property sales or refinancing. Settlement, also referred to as closing, is the final stage in purchasing a home. Strategic National Title Group is a premiere settlement company in Tysons Corner VA that has knowledgeable experts who will facilitate and finalize the closing process for clients. We will help our clients understand and complete the process of transferring ownership of property from seller to buyer. This part of the transaction is time consuming and requires numerous steps including:

  • Contract reviews
  • Prior mortgage payoffs
  • Title Examinations
  • Depositing loans
  • …and more

Residential Settlement Company in Tysons Corner VA

At Strategic National Title Group, we have a deep understanding of real estate law, including residential settlements and closings. Any agents or individuals buying or selling a property can trust us to advise and educate them through any situation that arises. The key to a smooth settlement is to identify the different situations associated with the details surrounding it. These situations can vary in scope and difficulty, but the sooner the information is disclosed the easier it will become. Our residential settlement company in Tysons Corner VA has a process designed to make this as easy as possible for all parties involved. Contact us today for a quote.

Commercial Settlement Company in Tysons Corner VA

Commercial real estate involves a complicated purchasing process that requires professional assistance for the best results. These commercial real estate settlement transactions have a significantly more amount of steps than a residential settlement. Strategic National Title Group is a commercial settlement company in Tysons Corner VA that offers expert services that help clients work through each stage of the the transaction. Mistakes in a commercial settlement will result in more money spent and lost opportunities. Having our professional and experienced attorneys at your side will ensure that your deal is closed quickly and responsibly. Our commercial settlement company in Tysons Corner VA will work closely with business professionals to assist commercial property owners and lenders with their needs.

Title & Escrow Company in Tysons Corner VA

A title is a legal document that gives you the right to use or dispose of your land in any way that you choose, and also details past ownership prior to yours. Strategic National Title Group has extensive knowledge of titles, their importance to owning land, and title insurance. We want to make sure that all documents are in order and requirements are met in order to legally ensure that you are safe in using your property as you wish to.

An escrow is when a party engages in a transaction of real or personal property with another party through a neutral third party, or an agent. The escrow agent carries out instructions given by the principal party and ensures that the transaction is completed the required way throughout the entire process, including collecting all documents, statements, and policies necessary to transference of use. Our title & escrow company in Tysons Corner VA is ready to handle your third party escrow needs to ensure your transaction is completed as smoothly as possible.