We work with all parties to ensure a clean and accurate transaction every step of the way. As a buyer or seller, you can depend on us to be in contact with lenders, realtors, or refinancers to save you the frustration of possibly missing a step in this complicated process. We also work diligently to prevent the occurrence of expensive mistakes, mishaps, or distractions, allowing the process to flow smoothly.

Most real estate deals are complicated enough as it is, and they can become even more convoluted if documents are inaccurate or incomplete. As a CFPB compliant title company continuously ensuring the security and protection of all valuable and private client information, we ensure that your transaction runs smoothly, and that all documents are both accurate and legal.

At SNTG, we have the ability to track each of our client transactions in real time. We provide timely closings scheduled at our customer’s convenience. This means we make ourselves available during and after business hours and at locations that are convenient for you. We also ensure prompt recordings and disbursement of funds.

Consumers have the right to pick a Title Company .

We offer consumers :

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