Stewart Information Services Corporation (NYSE-STC) is a global real estate services company, offering products and services through our direct operations, network of Stewart Trusted ProvidersTM and family of companies. From residential and commercial title insurance and closing and settlement services to specialized offerings for the mortgage industry, we offer the comprehensive service, deep expertise and solutions our customers need for any real estate transaction. At Stewart, we believe in building strong relationships – and these partnerships are the cornerstone of every closing, every transaction and every deal.


Stewart Ratings

Demotech Inc., the first rating agency in the title insurance arena, affirmed a Financial Stability Rating® of A” (A Double Prime) for Stewart Title Guaranty Company and A’ (A Prime) for Stewart Title Insurance Company.1

According to Demotech, regardless of the severity of a general economic downturn or deterioration in the insurance cycle, underwriters receiving an A” (A Double Prime) or an A’ (A Prime) rating possess unsurpassed financial stability related to maintaining positive surplus as regards policyholders.

Both Stewart Title Guaranty Company and Stewart Title Insurance Company received an Insurer Financial Strength rating of ‘A-‘ from Fitch Ratings Ltd., a global rating agency known worldwide to the financial markets.2

‘A’ IFS Ratings are defined as “strong” and indicate a low expectation of ceased or interrupted payments and strong capacity to meet policyholder and contract obligations.

Stewart expanded its ratings and received an A- Financial Strength Rating from A.M. Best, the leading provider of ratings on the insurance industry.3

An A- is assigned to companies that have, in A.M. Best’s opinion, an excellent ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.

Kroll Bond Rating Agency Inc. (formerly LACE Financial Corp.), issued a Financial Credit Rating of B+ for Stewart Title Guaranty Company and B+ for Stewart Title Insurance Company.4

This rating, updated on a quarterly basis, is based on econometrics models and regression analysis of liquidity, asset quality, capital and earnings.