Our Title software QUALIA:

Our title software QUALIA leads the industry in Security and Privacy. Qualia regularly undergoes independent third-party evaluations by the industry’s ading
auditors to ensure they comply with industry best practices. Qualia also maintains vigorous security certifications, including SOC 2.

Qualia simplifies real estate closing with an end-to-end experience that’s straightforward, secure and convenient:

  • Title Company – SNTG seamlessly coordinate closings end-to-end with the only platform completely connected to your partners and clients.
  • Consumers – Get real-time updates on your closing at any time with easy-to-use web and mobile apps
  • Lenders – Order closings directly through Qualia, then receive real-time updates as key milestones are reached.
  • Realtors – Increase visibility into your business’s performance and avoid using multiple tools to complete one transaction.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions – Manage the growth of your portfolio with unprecedented visibility, efficiency, and organization.